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After the wedding

For the couple, this is where their marriage began.

Standing in the same place brings back memories of that day.
Of course, you can come back to this place on special occasions, but you can also feel it as your own home whenever you like.

This is a place where they can spend "happy time together" anytime, both then and now.

We are also expanding the content targeted at couples who have held their wedding ceremony here so that they can easily return to The Hanamon.




Once a year, we invite you to an event for couples who have had their wedding at Kamon! On this day, we will do our best to prepare various events so that the couples can have a great time!


Anniversary Meal

If you dine in our restaurant on your wedding anniversary, you will receive a 10% discount and a complimentary champagne for your toast.


Workshops that are useful in daily life

Our partner shop, who usually handles weddings, holds workshops on an irregular basis.


Seminar event to support married couples

We offer suggestions on what couples can do to stay happy, such as knowledge that will be useful in daily life and communication between spouses that will help them love each other even more.


The Kamon Ambassador

After the wedding, we would love for you to become a The Kamon Ambassador and cooperate with HAPPY VOICE, and give us your opinions on new products and services as a former groom and bride. We also offer special benefits to our ambassadors.

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