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Venue Introduction

A beautiful space that blends the past and present while retaining the traditional Japanese architectural touches. A one-of-a-kind venue that has been reborn as a banquet venue by harmonizing Kurashiki modernism into a 230-year-old Japanese mansion. Here you can have a wedding that satisfies the bride's aesthetic sense.



The wedding venue, "Yuikado." Filled with gentle light and the warmth of wood, the beautiful Yuikado is also suitable for public ceremonies, making brides shine beautifully in either dresses or traditional Japanese attire.



banquet hall

A banquet hall where you can enjoy the atmosphere of traditional historical architecture and a close-up view of the changing seasons of the Japanese garden. The modern and calm design of the space combines past and present, Japanese and Western, making it picturesque no matter where you look.



It is a nostalgic space that breathes with architectural techniques that have been carefully passed down since ancient times in Japan, such as iron transoms, wicker doors, and Kurashiki latticework.


Japanese garden

A Japanese garden surrounds the venue.
A lush, moss-covered garden and impressive trees that have been carefully preserved throughout the ages.
The accumulation of time spanning well over 100 years has slowly and beautifully woven together.
The pine tree with its magnificent branches is the auspicious "Sanko no Matsu." This pine tree, which usually has two pine needles but has three, is said to bring "three blessings." This rare and sacred tree watches over new beginnings.